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Mancos Halls 1916

William & George Halls and some of their descendants in Mancos 1916

This picture, the largest group photo of the Halls family presently known, shows the two Halls brothers William and George and parts of their families, assembled presumably in Mancos, Colorado. The exact location and the occasion are unknown, but the year is probably 1916. William’s wife Johanne Frandsen had died in 1913, George died 3 Jan 1917, and William’s son Thomas died 12 Jan 1918. The youngest person is being held by the arms by his mother Lillian Dean Halls is Harry Halls born Sep 1915. In the following list, question marks indicate guesses. ADULTS from L to R are Sarah Halls Decker, William Halls, George Halls, Thomas Halls, Harriott Halls Stephens [George’s adopted daughter], Francis William Halls, Moiselle Hammond Halls, Anna Halls Smith, Lucy Halls Lyman, Luella Hammond Halls, Lillian Dean Halls, Florence Halls [Gerdel]?, David Halls, George Dilworth Halls [George’s adopted son]?, Lewis Halls, and George Stephens. CHILDREN L to R are George Sylvan Stephens?, Marba Stephens? (d. 3 Jun 1917), Louie Smith (Koho) [sitting], Linton Von Stephens?, Helen Smith (Fleck/Colbert), Gerda Smith (Isto), Harry Halls, Dean Halls? (the boy between Lewis and George). Please send caption corrections, copies of your own photographs, and stories about any Halls relative!

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