This is the most complex part of this website, and this page is being written August 27, 2011 just to provide an overview of what will later appear on this website in more detail.  The ancestry of William Halls was the subject of all the oral reports given by the family genealogists at the annual meetings of the Family Organization from 1952 to 1993.  Various handouts were provided to illustrate the reports.  From 1973 – 1988 portions of this ancestry were printed in the family periodical, Through the Halls of History. 

In 1993 it was proposed at the last annual meeting that a book, to be named Through the Halls of History, be published to provide a permanent record of the biographies of the first few generations of the Halls family in America, and at the time of going to press, updated genealogies of William Halls’ ancestors.

More research has been conducted since 1993, resulting in changes and additions in many cases to the genealogies published in the family periodical or distributed as pedigree charts and family group sheets during family meetings. 

Starting with the genealogies published in the family periodical, this site will acquaint the present generation of Halls descendants with the results of past research.  For those active in doing further research, the site will serve as a means of presenting and discussing current research findings, and problems still awaiting resolution, with an eye to creating an accurate and as complete genealogy as possible.

The following were the principal articles in Through the Halls of History pertaining to the ancestry of William Halls (1834-1920).  For those who have copies of the family periodical 1973-1988, the list will serve as an index to the genealogical content.  In some cases, these exact articles will be posted on the website; in other cases, revised and updated versions will be posted.

FGR = Family Group Record (form showing birth, marriage, and death/burial information for one family, i.e., parents and children)
Desc = A chart showing the descendants of the person named in tree form 
PC = Pedigree Chart (form showing the direct ancestry of one person by generation, viz., parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.)

  1. FGR of William Halls and Louisa Enderby (Nov 1973)
  2. FGR of William Halls and Johanne Frandsen (Mar 1974)
  3. FGR of William Halls and Eleanor Howard (Jul 1974)
  4. FGR George Halls and Moiselle Hammond (Nov 1974)
  5. Desc of Mosiah Hall (Mar 1975)
  6. Desc of William Halls Jr (Jul 1975)
  7. Chart: the Halls of Essex, England (included all known ancestors of William Halls in chart form, with narrative summaries for Halls, Selston, Hill, Wood, and Hood; and an 1831 map of Essex, England with ancestral places marked (Nov 1975)
  8. Desc of Thomas Halls (Nov 1975)
  9. Charts: Ancestry of Louisa Enderby, Johanne Frandsen, Eleanor Howard, Moiselle Hammond (names & years only) (Mar 1976)
  10. Desc of George Henry Hall (Mar 1976)
  11. Desc of John Halls as of Mar 1977 (bio publ Jul 1976, chart Mar 1977)
  12. Desc of Lizzie Halls Wangsgard (Mar 1977)
  13. Selston: Wills of Thomas (d 1768) and his brother John (Mar 1977)
  14. Desc of Anna Halls Smith (Jul 1977)
  15. FGR of John Halls and Susanna Selston (Jul 1977)
  16. “Announcing a Breakthrough on the Halls Line” (Mar 1978)
  17. FGR of Thomas Selston and Susanna Hill (Mar 1978)
  18. FGR of Charles Selston and Elizabeth Hood (Mar 1978)
  19. Desc of Mary Halls Brown (Mar 1978)
  20. Desc of David Halls (Jul 1978)
  21. England Research Trip Report (Nov 1978)
  22. Desc of Lucy Halls Lyman (Nov 1978)
  23. Desc of Emma Halls Lansing (Jul 1979)
  24. 4-generation instructions and corrections + additions to FGRs already published (Nov 1979)
  25. Desc of Sarah Halls Decker (Nov 1979)
  26. Desc of James Lewis Halls (Mar 1980)
  27. FGR of William Enderby and Elizabeth Carritt (Jul 1981)
  28. FGR of Jens Frandsen and Kjersten Jensen (Jul 1981)
  29. Desc of Franklin Halls (Jul 1981)
  30. “The William and Susan Halls Family – the Saga of the Halls Research or Through the Dimly Lit Halls of History” (Jul 1982)
  31. FGR of William Halls and Susan Hicks (Jul 1982)
  32. FGR of Robert Halls and Margaret Kelly, Elizabeth Nicholls, and Mary Morrel (Jul 1982)
  33. Research Update: summary on each great-grandparent of William Halls (Nov 1982)
  34. PC of ancestors of William Halls (Nov 1982)
  35. Desc of Florence Halls Gerdel (Jul 1983, correcting Nov 1982)
  36. England Research Trip Report (more on Robert Halls’ ancestry) (Jul 1983)
  37. “More Light on William (1766-1837) and Robert (1726-1808) Halls from the Records of the Overseers of the Poor of Upminster, High Ongar, and Stanford Rivers, Essex” (Jul 1983)
  38. PC of ancestors of Louisa Carritt Enderby (Jul 1983)
  39. PC of ancestors of Johanne Marie Frandsen (Jul 1983)
  40. Desc of Herbert Halls (Jul 1983)
  41. Desc of Lottie Halls Kunz Esplin (Jul 1984)
  42. “Essex England Ancestry Research Update 29 Jun 1986 (recapitulation of research since 1966)” (Jul 1986)
  43. PC dated 1959 of then supposed ancestors (July 1986)
  44. Desc of Selston families in England  (Jul 1986)
  45. FGR of John Hill and Mary Wood (Jul 1986)
  46. Genealogical Report (mainly Great Burstead and area wills asbtracting for William Halls’ ancestry) (Dec 1986)
  47. FGR of Thomas Carritt and Jane Beatniffe (grandparents of Louisa Enderby Halls) (Dec 1986)
  48. The Selstons of West Thurrock, Essex (detailed analysis of records 1772-1882 with Desc Chart)

These articles are being reviewed for adding the relevant information  to this website.

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