George Halls 1846-1917

This page is being created on 16 Sep 2011 to assure descendants of George Halls who visit this site that their ancestor is an essential part of the William Halls Family Organization’s archives, website, and projected book, even if the emphasis seems to have been in the past overwhelmingly centered on his brother William.

What has been lacking in the Family Organization’s history was a representative from the George Halls family present at the family meetings to assure that their ancestor got his proper due.  I have checked briefly the minutes of annual meetings and see that in 1981 listed as representative for the George Halls branch of the family was George D. Halls, 4831 W Black Horse Rd, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90274.  And the last list, printed 7/2/1996, listed Jewel S Colovich, 2811 Wainwright Ave, Merced, CA 95340.  Yet, I do not remember either person or anyone else who represented the George Halls family ever being present at a family meeting.  The reason may well have been the failure of the Family Organization to give a proper invitation and welcome.

Visitors to this site who are descendants of George are urged to get in contact so that George’s history and details of his descendants are included more fully in this website and in the future book.

George Halls has always been part of genealogist Alan Phipps’ research.  In all records he has consulted, he has copied information on George when found.  In the last several years some of this information has  entered in a genealogical software program called The Master Genealogist (TMG). 

Included now are three print-outs from this TMG database to serve as an illustration of what is potentially available for each member of the Halls family who has been entered into the TMG database to date. 

Snapshot of info on George Halls 1846-1917 in The Master Genealogist database in poss of Alan Phipps

(1) a snapshot of the “detail” page on George Halls, which lists 45 “tags” or events in his life, arranged in chronological order.  Each tag represents a piece of information about George for the subject and date shown from one or more sources.  For example, the first is “Birth  18 Oct 1846” and begins “Orsett, Essex, f[ather] John Halls, m[other] Susannah Selston…”  Only the first line of information is shown in the “details” window.  The full entry is accessed by clicking on it (in the TMB database).  It continues “… formerly Selston, [father] labourer; informant Susannah Halls, Mother, Orsett, reg 23 Oct 1846 (GRO Cert).  In all, 6 separate sources are shown which supply the date and most also give the place of birth and some other information.  These six records in order of relevance are (1) government birth certificate from the General Register Office, (2) Orsett LDS Branch Records, (3) Huntsville Ward Record, (4) Mancos Ward Record, (5) tombstone, and (6) William Halls’ Temple Record Book (where he wrote in George’s name after witnessing a temple sealing ordinance of George to his parents.

One of several possible "reports" from TMG database

(2) the second print-out from TMG is an “Individual Detail” report.  It lists all 45 “tags” discussed above but only in summary format.

(3) the third print-out from TMG is the “Individual Narrative” report.  This contains program-generated sentences, which read in sequence give a rough overview of the subject’s life.  This feature takes considerable tweaking before all the sentences are in proper format and make sense.  No attempt has been made for this illustration to fine-tune this report.   This particular report will not be used in any permanent way, but it can prove useful to give someone an overview of what the research to date has discovered about a person.

The database software creates a paragraph from the information (unedited)

The Master Genealogist program has a great many other possible reports, including ahnentafel, bibliography, descendant box chart, descendant indented chart, family group sheet, fan chart, hourglass box chart, individual detail, individual narrative, journal, various lists (events, names, people, places, sources, to do’s), pedigree, statistics.

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