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As of 16 Sep 2011, E-mail and comments have not yet been set up for this site.  If you would like to send a message or make some comment about the site in the meantime, you can send an e-mail through family genealogist Alan Phipps’ website

It is not yet possible to leave a comment on this site because the registration feature has not yet been activated.  To leave a comment, one must be registered.

Without registration, spammers leave irrelevant / disingenuous comments which apparently have something to do with increasing hits on their own sites, and some are trying to sell unrelated products / services.  In the first few days this site was set up, there were just two comments from actual Halls-related persons and 18 spam messages. 

Registration, comments, and e-mail should be working on this site when the basic set-up is complete.  Thanks for your patience.

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