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The following biographies were originally published in the family periodical Through the Halls of History from 1973 to 1988. Click on the name below to read the biography, which will open up in a new window.

Only those biographies which been converted to the new WordPress format appear under Biographies in the menu on the right side of each main page.  Most of the biographies are still in the old format but can be accessed from the list below.  They will all be converted to the WordPress format as soon as possible. 

Volunteers are needed for help with the proofreading and reformatting for WordPress.  WordPress familiarity and writing/editing experience would be helpful.

All of these biographies need to be reviewed for completeness, accuracy, and quality.  All were written over 20 years ago and some nearly 40 years ago, and there may be new information available.  A few were written previously and adapted for the family periodical.   In addition, the scanning process may have introduced errors not in the originals. 

Please read and discuss with your closest relatives the biography/ies already written for your direct ancestors.  If you have additional information or illustrations, disagree with some aspect(s) of the account, or think the style and readability can be improved, please volunteer to help with the re-writing.  Even if you doubt your writing skills, you can still help with the content; interview family members, friends, or neighbors who knew the ancestor/relative; and seek out relevant pictures, both of the biographee him or herself, but also his/her homes, workplaces, possessions, and creations. 

You can also submit your own memories of the person, either by incorporating them into the existing biography, or by requesting someone else to do the re-writing or editing.

Although there is naturally a limit to a biography’s length and the number of illustrations that can be in a printed version, there are no such limits for digital copies online.  If you are submitting a new biography or adding to an existing one, concentrate on telling the story you wish to preserve, not on its present length or even format.  Even if there is some future editing or shortening to fit printed format, the longer versions can remain online or be circulated among close relatives.

The 2001 “Proposed Contents of the Book” gave suggested lengths for biographies by generation.  Feel free to express your own opinions through this website.

1st Generation – Immigrants from England 1861-1866

Children of William Halls and Louisa Carritt Enderby

Children of William Halls and Johanne Marie Frandsen

Children of William Halls and Eleanor Howard

Grandchildren of William Halls whose biographies were published in Through the Halls of History, Conway Ashton, editor, in 1984-1988.  Only 23 biographies were printed, which leaves 65 more to publish.  These biographies are mostly scanned, but not yet edited (scanning is imperfect with errors) for adding to this site.   

Clyde Halls
Dale W Halls
Earl Halls
Edgar Walton Hall
Edgar Wangsgard
Ernest Mosiah Hall
Francis William Halls
George Raymond Hall
Irvin John Wangsgard
Josephine Hall Jones
Lillian Hall Tanner
Marian Hall Thompson
Mary Louise Halls Decker
Maud Halls Smitham Waddell
Nina Halls Braithwaite
Octavia Hall Kimball
Rosabel Hall Ashton
Ruby Halls Ward
Ruth Halls Grow
Stanley Hall
Victor Leo Hall
Virgil Clyde Hall
Walton Kenneth Hall
The following biographies of grandchildren, apparently not published, are among the list of scanned biographies given AJP by 1999; they were probably instigated and gathered by Conway Ashton   

Eugene Henry Hall
Evelyn Iris Hall Ingalls
Florence Louisa Hall Bell
Grace Halls Halls
Harold Wangsgard
Johannah Susannah Halls Smith (“Aunt Anna”)
Louie Smith Koho
Violet Celia Hall Grix

Children-in-Law of William Halls whose biographies are separate from spouses’, which are not published (when desired, these in-law biographies should be incorporated with the spouses’ biographies)  

Mary Elizabeth Wood Halls (Mrs Frank)
Rose Ann Walton Hall (Mrs Mosiah)

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